I’m a former city magazine editor-turned freelance culture writer, living and working in a house built by my great-grandparents where a good candle is always burning. I tend to structure my days around a morning cup of coffee and evening glass of wine; and, despite my best efforts, I almost always wake up with the sun.

I’m going to throw it back and approach this space as that thing blogs first began as: an online journal. They say the best way to become a better writer is to write – this is where I’ll do that, with a side of music and photos and whatever else is strikin’ my fancy. I hope you’ll pour a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and sit a spell.


I am a writer.

My background is in magazines – a brief stint in the editorial department of Southern Living, but mostly regional publications (a summer in Atlanta, another in Charleston, and then finally back home to where my heart is). I recently quit my editor job to be a full-time freelance writer, and I continue to write about beautiful homes and other lifestyle and culture topics.

“I write to help people cultivate a love of where they are,” I will tell you. “I’m interested in a sense of place, in how we define ‘home.’ If my lighthearted feature helps somebody cherish their city, then I have done my job.”

That is true; that is absolutely true; and I love the medium of magazines.

But I’m not sure I love it with my whole heart, and this blog is to help me understand what makes that other sliver beat. Some write to tell stories; some write to reveal truth; some use words as art. I’m not sure which I am. I am a product of the digital era, surrounded by constant pressure to tweet and Instagram and define myself, define my voice – that’s the only way to stay relevant, right?

Here, I’ll slow down a bit. I’ll share snippets of inspiration, be they quippy blogs or thought-provoking essays. In return, I hope you’ll share yours. Let’s hone our purpose together, patiently.

IMG_0079 copy 2

Photo by Emily Toth

Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Bloglovin. Header photo by Eylül Aslan


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