You know the term hangry? So hungry you’re angry and grumpy? It’s true, right?

Sometimes I accidentally get too hungry and all of the sudden I’m obsessing over all.the.things and feeling frantic and, in general, cease to be a fun human. In fact, I become a fearful one, tunnel-visioned on a single, carnal need: nourishment. I’ve got a bit of a history with over-exerting and under-feeding myself, so I’ve learned to be highly aware of when this starts happening. It absolutely relates to control. If life becomes too overwhelming, the easy solution is to just return to the basics. When you operate on level HUNGRY, the goal is always the next meal. The rest becomes background noise. It’s a total copout.

But that is certainly no way to live! And so we eat and drink and ensure we’re operating on level SATISFIED so that we can focus our energies on working and playing and thinking and being.

The thing is, I don’t think hangry only applies to a physical state. What about our overall human existence situation? At the risk of banality, here, I fear our (my?) generation is full of hangry folks on all sorts of levels. We have these quick fixes: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds to scroll through; text messages to send; inboxes to manage; channels to flip through. But it’s all at our leisure, at our control – and it can all be done half-heartedly.

When I’m starving, I want more than a sugary cookie and the inevitable later crash. Same goes for life. Real satisfaction takes work. It’s hard to invest in others. It’s hard to show up. But we’ve got to.



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