Good Morning Journal

Right after I graduated from college, I moved to Charleston for a part-time unpaid internship with a local magazine. I took a paying part-time job at a European bakery in the touristy part of town, lived with some crazy Craigslist roommate in a flea-infested old house right on the brink of the bad part of town, and spent my nights scheming to get my toe in the doors of Garden & Gun. It was all very poetic and, frankly, didn’t last long.

But the point is: While living in Chucktown, I discovered photographer Olivia Rae James. At the time, she was just beginning her photography career and her blog was self-described as a “love letter to Charleston.” I felt like I’d discovered a kindred spirit – needless to say, I’ve never met the gal in my life. The internet’s weird that way. Her career has now taken off and I sort of feel like I was ahead of the curve on that one; but hindsight’s always twenty-twenty so, ya know, what’re you gonna do. Also, I’ve still never met her, so there’s that.

Olivia Rae’s photos are beautiful and sunny and just make you feel good. She’s recently helped launch a new project, Good Morning Journal, that I am thrilled about. It’s a photo-driven bi-weekly blog chronicling creative types and their morning routines (“rituals and recipes,” specifically).

Since mornings are my personal favorite slice of life, I love this notion of peeking into others’ habits. Per usual, thus far I’ve discovered that most people don’t have a routine they much look forward to – but it’s fascinating nonetheless.


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